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MAE Series Fire Detection & Suppression System

Complete Pre-Engineered Fire Detection & Suppression Systems


MAE Series complete pre-engineered fire detection & suppression systems are AC or ABC Rated using FK-5-1-12 clean extinguishing agent.

FIREBOY MAE Series Fire Detection & Suppression System Advantages

Land-based clean agent applications such as server rooms and laboratories up to 5,400 cubic feet (with FK-5-1-12)

  • Pre-engineered System
  • Unique “Proofing Pin” System to Verify Extinguisher is Active
  • Multi-extinguisher Systems Now Available
  • All Components Included in the Kit
  • Fast Installation with One Technician
  • Competitively Priced Total Installed Cost
  • No Engineering or Piping Calculations Required
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MAE Series Fire Detection and Suppression Brochure

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MAE Series Multi-Cylinder Brochure Insert

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MAE, MAE-30, MAE-33 Manual

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MAE-B, MAE-30B, MAE-33B Manual

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MAE: UL vs. FM Listing

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The MAE Fire Suppression System is Perfect for Use In:

  • Server Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Computer Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Records & Data Centers
  • Media Storage
  • Reference Material
  • Clean Rooms
  • Grow Rooms & Labs
  • Telecommunication Centers
  • Flammable Liquid Storage
  • Robotic Equipment
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Electric Utility Facilities
  • Testing / Image Equipment
  • Military Applications
  • Historical Collections
  • Other Enclosed Spaces

The Fireboy MAE System is Pre-Engineered And FM Approved

The MAE System is a complete pre-engineered, FM approved, Fire Detection and AC or ABC Suppression system using FK-5-1-12 clean extinguishing agent and a patent pending electric release including:

  • Two (2) Smoke Detectors, Photo-Electric
  • One (1) Pull Station
  • One (1) Fire Bell
  • Two (2) Horn/Strobes
  • Release Panel Available in Red or Gray Finish
  • One (1) Abort Switch
  • One (1) Disablement Switch
  • Pre-engineered MAE Suppression System (155°F/68°C) with FK-5-1-12 Clean Extinguishing Agent
  • One (1) Extinguisher Circuit Test Module
  • Two (2) Caution / Warning Signs
  • Unique Safety Pin Supervision System
  • Power Supply and Safety Pin are Supervised by the Release Panel
  • Quick Connect Electrical Connectors
  • Easy Installation

MAE Multi-extinguisher Systems

MAE pre-engineered Fire Detection and Suppression systems now expanded to coverup to 5,400 cu. ft. The control system stays the same and additional extinguishers of the same size can be added to the system.

  • When used on a multiple extinguisher MAE system “-40”each extinguisher includes an empty bulb and burst disc.
  • All extinguishers need to be the same size, totaling the actual protected volume.
  • A “manual backup extinguishant release” system is also included.

Fireboy MAE System Application Parameters:

  • Single Extinguisher System Up to 1,800 cu. ft.
  • Multiple Extinguisher System Up to 5,400 cu. ft.
  • Maximum Ceiling Height is 16 ft.
  • Maximum Reach is 21.0 ft.
  • Locate Extinguisher Nozzle(s) Within 24 in. of Ceiling

Release Panel

  • Large LED Display
  • UL864 and FM Approved
  • Supervision of Power Supply and “Proofing Pin”
  • Configurable First Stage NAC Delays
  • Configurable Detection Delays
  • Configurable Releasing Delays Up to 60 Seconds in 5 Second Steps
  • Configurable Releasing Duration Up to 5 Minutes in 5 Second Steps
  • Available in Red or Gray Finish
  • 115/1/60 or 230/1/50 or 60 Supply Voltage

Customize With System Options and Additional Components

MAE Pre-Engineered System Options

  • Extra Smoke Detectors, Photo-Electric
  • Heat Detectors, 135˚F/57°C
  • Call Point in Lieu of Pull Station
  • Pull Cable(s)
  • 135°F/57°C or 175°F/80°C Operation

Expand Your System With Additional Components

  • Extra Smoke Detectors
  • Extra Pull Stations or Call Points
  • Extra Horn/Strobes
  • Extra Fire Bells