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Methane Gas Detection Systems

The Xintex® line of products include everything you need for outfitting a complete and safe methane gas detection system.

Designed for “Green” Environmentally Friendly Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

Major heavy-duty truck manufacturers have developed engines that run on CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas). Methane is a potentially explosive by-product of LNG and CNG Fueled Engines.

Available with either square or round display.


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Methane Detector Brochure

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S2(x)R-M-ECU-X Vapor-Monitoring System Owner’s Manual

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S2B-M-X2 Methane Gas Detector Owner’s Manual

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Methane Gas Detector S2B-M-X2

The Xintex® Methane Gas Detector / Monitor, Model S2B-M-X2-Display, constantly monitors the level of highly explosive methane and goes into alarm prior to a dangerous situation occurring. This advanced micro-processor, state-of-the-art Methane Gas Detector is incorporated into the design and re-design of vehicles using CNG or LNG as a fuel.


  • Two Zones: Cab and Engine Connect up to 2 Methane Gas Detection Sensors per zone, with Splitter01-D (sold separately)
  • Easy view Colored L.E.D.’s Green = System is okay and fully functional; Yellow = System fault; Red = Elevated Methane Level Detected
  • Initial illumination at 20% of the L.E.L., and remains on, until a safe level is restored- 1 amp Output relay opens at 50% of the L.E.L. (Horn optional or customer supplied)
  • Membrane Style Test and Silence Buttons
  • Test Button for weekly system testing
  • Reset Button, silences alarm for 30 second intervals

CNG and LNG fume detector for trucks

Product Design

The stylish contemporary design of the Xintex Methane Gas Detector Monitor is ideal for installation into a dash, or similar panel. The 2 1/8” round housing, with 2 5/8” square bezel compliments the interior design of trucks and buses.

Advanced electronic circuitry utilizes our exclusive digital signal, eliminating the necessity of purchasing proprietary cabling to sensors and panels. Equipped with Deutsch Connectors, with heat shrink and boots. Installation at the factory or aftermarket provides cost savings, versus competitive models. Standard 18 gauge insulated wiring may be incorporated into wiring harness. All connections are through Deutsch Connectors for a plug and play installation, thus saving costs and time at the factory. Aftermarket installations are made easy as heavy bulky proprietary cabling is not required.

Optional Xintex wiring harness for sensors and remote status panels equipped with Deutsch Connectors are available at additional cost where desired.

Methane Gas Detection Sensors

Xintex Methane Gas Detection Sensors are designed for specific reaction to elevated levels of methane and natural gas, while ignoring other hydro carbons, thus insuring faster response time and elimination of false alarms due to sulfated batteries, asphalt fumes on recently paved roads, elevated gasoline fumes from neighboring parked trucks, etc.

All sensors are pre-conditioned in our temperature and humidity controlled rooms for a minimum of 7 days prior to final calibration processes

Model MS-7 sensor specifications

  • Temperature: -40°F to 221°F (-40°C to 105°C)
  • Operating voltage: 9 to 18 VDC 30 mA
  • Rugged aluminum housing for waterproof applications
  • Ideal for all under hood installations

Model MS-8 sensor specifications

  • Temperature:-40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Operating Voltage: 9 to 18 VDC 30mA
  • Waterproof ABS housing

Common Features

  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity to methane and natural gas
  • Deutsch Connector – Plug & Play
  • Due to the miniaturization of its sensing chip, Xintex Methane Sensors draw less than 30mA
  • Designed to satisfy the requirements of performance standards such as UL 1484 and EN50194
  • Deutsch connector with boot and heat shrink

Common Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 9 to 18 VDC
  • Satisfies test requirements of: J1455, Section 4.10. – Vibration Testing J1113-11/12 and ISO 11452 for Transient Voltage Testing IEC 60068-2-30 Humidity Testing IEC 60068-2-14 Temperature Cyclic Testing ISO 7637-2 Jump Start Test ISO 7637-2 Reverse Protection Testing

Methane Detection System Remote Status Indicator Panels

When additional driver notification lights are desired to view Methane System Status from outside the cab. Applications include L.E.D. panels or L.E.D. panels in enclosures. The MRLE Series panels are in a metal enclosure with an adjustable mounting base.

Model: MRLE-002-H

  • Includes Adjustable Mounting Base
  • Green L.E.D.= System OK
  • Red L.E.D = Elevated Methane Level
  • 85 dB Horn: Sounds at 50% of the L.E.L.
  • Without enclosure (Model MRLP-002-H)
  • Optional Connecting Cable (Connects Panel to Display)
  • Model S2B Cable -003D

Model: MRLP-002

  • Green L.E.D.= System OK
  • Red L.E.D =Elevated Methane Level
  • With enclosure (Model MRLE-002)
  • Optional Connecting Cable-Connects Panel to Display with Horn (Connects panel to display)
  • Model S2B Cable -002D

Methane Sensor Test Kit

A Complete Methane Sensor Kit for Field Testing of Methane Sensors. Designed to accurately and quickly test Methane Sensors for reaction to elevated methane levels, with convenient rugged polycarbonate storage case.

Kit Contains:

  • 2-34 L calibrated methane gas test cylinders
  • 0.25 L/minute pressure regulator and gauge
  • Testing Instruction on inside of case
  • Xintex branded Methane Sensor testing adapter
  • Connecting hose (from regulator to test adapter)
  • Rugged Plastic storage case

Model: MTK-20-50

1-20% of the L.E.L. and 1-50% of the L.E.L. Methane Gas Cylinder

Model: MTK-25-50

1-25% of the L.E.L. and 1-50% of the L.E.L. Methane Gas Cylinder

The State of California mandates testing of the methane sensor at least three times a year, at equal intervals. Title X111, California Code of Regulations, (13 CCR) Section 935 (b)(2)

Sensor Cables, Splitters and Connections

Model: Splitter 01-D

Connects to display panel to permit one additional sensor. Required when adding an additional Methane Sensor per zone. Equipped with Deutsch Connectors, with heat shrink and boots over connectors for trouble-free installations.

Connecting Cables

Not Required with Xintex System Sensor Extension Cable-Plug and Play from Display to Sensor

Standard Length Cables:

  • MS-3-D Cable 5’
  • MS-3-D Cable 10’
  • MS-3-D Cable 15’
  • MS-3-D Cable 20’
  • MS-3-D Cable 25’
  • MS-3-D Cable 30’
  • MS-3-D Cable 35’
  • MS-3-D Cable 40’
  • MS-3-D Cable 45’

Methane Gas Detection System Example

Available with either square or round display.



  • 1 – S2B-M-xxx Methane Display Monitor
  • 1 – Rugged Aluminum Methane Gas Detection Sensor
  • 1 – Rugged Plastic Methane Gas Detection Sensor
  • 1 – Auxiliary Horn
  • 1 – S2B Cable-001-D 12 VDC Power connection cable


Other system kits available. Please contact Fireboy-Xintex for further information and design assistance.

NOTE: Methane Gas Detection equipment not available online.